• PhilScience organization offers a range of academic and editorial services based on the education, experience, and skills of its experts.
    The services are offered to third parties, students, authors, researchers, or institutions and are managed by PhilScience Press and provided by its registered experts.
    These include linguistic services, book reviewing, writing services, and student-paper guidance.

  • Linguistic services

    Our team of expert translators and proofreaders can help you professionally with your editorial projects or academic submissions. PhilScience works with a team of professional translators/proofreaders with postgraduate degrees (master's or doctorate) and additional specializations for various types of texts, including researchers with an excellent command of the source and target language who are experts in the field or specialty of the source text and familiar with the literature in that field. Assigned translators and proofreaders are native in the target language.
    Special attention is given to manuscripts translated by a non-native in the target language. It is well known that academic journals and publishers reject manuscripts which are not compliant with a high linguistic standard. Our expert proofreaders work to eliminate any grammar or spelling errors as well as strange-sounding portions (even if grammatically correct) to ensure the accuracy of the expressions and ease of reading and to ensure the final text is at a native level and compliant with the style in the literature of that respective field. In the process, the proofreader communicates with the original translator in order to clarify all questionable instances of meaning and expression. Thus, your project will be assigned to the translator/proofreader who is most qualified with respect to the field, specialty, and even the style of the text to be worked on.
    Our linguistic services are also offered for source texts in areas other than those in which we publish. If required, we issue a certificate of linguistic quality for each work completed.
    The unit fee for a translation is contingent upon the pair of languages, type of text, and other technical criteria. The unit fee for a proofreading is contingent upon the same criteria plus the quality of the original translation. We will inform you of the total fee for your order after we receive and study it. The total fee may be paid in advance or in increments.
    To order a translation or a proofreading, fill in the order form here.

  • Book reviewing

    We all know about the importance of reviews in the book industry: The book is a special kind of product for which the title, publisher's description, cover image, and even readers' star ratings are not enough to convince a potential reader to read it. The detailed reviews written by other readers or experts are decisive for this action.
    A special type of titles with respect to the power of their reviews are science-related titles (including academic and non-academic - educational-popularizing, scientific and philosophical essays, and methodological-pedagogical). Such books require for their reviews authoritative authors, preferably academics or scholars with relevant expertise in the topics. While any reader may review and express his or her reading experience with a book of fiction and get the review taken into account by new readers, this does not work for a science-related book, which a special kind of expert is entitled to review. Such a review requires both knowledge of the topic and the authority and objectivity of evaluation and further recommendation.

    PhilScience provide academic and non-academic reviews for published books on the topics related to science, mathematics, or philosophy (educational-popularizing, scientific and philosophical essays, and methodological-pedagogical) or other science-related subjects. If you have authored such a book, you may request our review; we will assign for your review the most qualified academic from our team with respect to the topic.

    The process of reviewing is focused on content, ideas, and arguments. Beyond checking the soundness of the arguments and the logical-scientific consistency, the review will place the topics and ideas of the author in a general scientific framework, relate them to well-established references, and compare them with related or similar literature.
    The review will be published in PhilScience Magazine, Goodreads (if your title is listed there) and posted on our social media. You or your publisher may use the review as editorial review anywhere the book is listed or promoted.
    We provide the review in English in both short form (100-150 words) and detailed form (300-1000 words or more). The fee for this service usually ranges between $90 and $250, mostly depending on the book length.
    To order a book review, send us a message at orders[at]philscience.org with the words "book review" in the subject line along with the synopsis of the book and the number of pages. We shall respond with initial feedback, name of the assigned reviewer and price.

  • Student-paper guidance

    Our academics offer for students of any stage guidance for writing their papers, whether homework, essays, specific assignments, personal submissions, dissertations, master's or doctoral theses. Guidance consists in one or more of the following:

    paper design including: structure, adequate and relevant themes and subjects to be touched on, targets, relevant titles
    suggestion of relevant literature to study and cite
    proposed argumentative linkage to be studied and incorporated
    checking the soundness of student's proposed main arguments
    suggesting possible elements of originality
    other suggestions regarding academic standard, style and format.

    Important to note: We do not offer ghostwriting, as we consider it unethical; we do not write the paper on student's behalf, but only guide him or her in the main directions outlined above.
    At this time, this service covers the following fields: philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, epistemology, and history of science.
    The fee varies, depending on the complexity of the assignment; however, it is much lower than the fees ghostwriting agencies ask for their services. The fee is paid in advance, after you receive our second feedback including our primary vision on how your paper should be designed.
    To order a student guidance service, send us a message at orders[at]philscience.org with the words "student guidance" in the subject line along with the field of your assignment. Your message should describe the assignment in complete detail, including class requirements and your vision for the paper. We shall respond with initial feedback and price.

  • Article/Content Writing

    Our academics and writers can write quality science-related original articles and content of any kind for your website or magazine. The work is done per your instructions regarding topic, style, keywords, references, and length. Freedom can be given to the author in the desired degree.
    You get the exclusivity for the text and retain the copyright, with the obligation to acknowledge the author per PhilScience instructions.
    The fee depends on the complexity of the assignment, including length.
    To order a writing service, send us a message at orders[at]philscience.org with the words "content writing" in the subject line along with the field or topic of your desired text.

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