Who we are and what we do

  • PhilScience is a private scientific and philosophical organization founded in 2018.
    It is a research center, an open forum of ideas, and a publisher, with its own mission and projects.
    PhilScience gathers academics from the disciplines dealing with science as their object of study, but also students of these disciplines.
    The organization's publications are served by PhilScience Press, an imprint of Infarom press company. PhilScience Magazine is the online publication of PhilScience.

  • Our areas

    Our research and publication topics belong formally to the disciplines dealing with science as their direct or indirect object of investigation, regardless of the diffuseness of their borders, namely: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mathematics, Metascience, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Education, History of Science, History of Mathematics, History of Ideas, Sociology of Science - Citizen Science - Science education, Educational Sciences, Cognitive Sciences - Cognitive Psychology - Neurosciences, and Applied Mathematics.

  • Main contacts

    Company's administration:
    Infarom, 29 B, Dumbrava Str., Targu Jiu, Gorj, 210109, Romania.
    E-mail: office[at]infarom.ro
    PhilScience office: office[at]philscience.org

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